Civil Services

  • Issuance of Certification of Birth, Marriage and Death (Available, Not Available, Destroyed)
  • Timely Registration of Birth – Non Birthing Institution
  • Timely Registration of Birth – Born in Hospital
  • Delayed Registration of Certificate of Live Birth
  • Registration of Certificate
  • Delayed Registration of Certificate of Death
  • Delayed Registration of Certificate of Death
  • Registration of Certificate of Marriage
  • Application for Marriage License 
  • Registration of Court Decrees
  • Petition for Correction of Clerical Error / Change of First Name / Change of Gender / Day and Month of Birth
  • Annotation, Endorsement, and Issuance of Supplemental Report
  • Registration, Annotation, and Endorsement of Legal Instrument
  • Feedback and Complaints Mechanism


  • SECTION 10 of Republic Act No. 11055 otherwise known as the “Philippine Identification System Act” provides that the basic documentary requirement for identification of citizens seeking to register with PhilSys is the applicant’s birth certificate
  • National campaign of the Office of the Civil Registrar General to improve civil registration aligned with the three (3) goals of the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Decade (CRVS Decade) for 2015-2024

Status: Almost 5% of the total population are unregistered (2015 CPH) and 13.21% delayed/late registration based on 2018-2020 birth registration (VSR)


  • Ensure that all births of Filipinos are registered in the Local Civil Registry Offices and that they will be enrolled with the PhilSys National Identification System.
  • Increase the level of civil registration specially in marginalized communities such as those belonging to the Indigenous People, Muslim Filipinos’ and the poorest sector in the country and ensuring that they have their Phil IDs issued which is a gateway for them to claim their social benefits and legal identity.


  • In collaboration with Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Provincial and Local Government Units, register the births of Indigenous Peoples (IPs), Muslim Filipinos and the poorest sector covering cities / municipalities with blow level of birth registration;
  • Assist the registrants in the processing of out-of-town registrations of births;
  • Verify from the PSA Civil Registry System database the existence of birth to avoid double or multiple registrations;
  • Conduct information dissemination and legal consultations during mobile registrations (via virtual or through audio-visual presentations, whichever is applicable in the area);
  • Implement Philippine Civil Registry Information System (PhilCRIS) in the mobile registrations or during actual registration;
  • Conduct refresher course for civil registrars and hired civil registration agents on the basic concept and updates on the procedures and related policies on birth registration;
  • Register the Phil ID of the Birth registrants.
  1. Develop plans and strategies and upon approval by the Mayor, implement the same particularly those which have to do with the management and administration-related programs and projects which the mayor is empowered to implement and which the Sanggunian is empowered to provide for under the Code;
  2. In addition to the foregoing duties and functions, the Civil Registrar shall:

    i.       Accept all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the civil status of the persons ;
    ii.       File, keep and preserve in secure place the books required by law,
    iii.     Transcribe and enter immediately upon receipt all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the civil status of persons in the appropriate civil registry books; 
    Transmit to the Office of the Civil Registrar-General within the prescribed period, duplicate copies of registered documents required by law;
    v.           Issue certified transcripts or copies of any certificate or registered documents upon payment of the prescribed fees to the treasurer;
    Receive applications for the issuance of a marriage license and, after determining that the requirements and supporting certificates and publication thereof for the prescribed period have been complied with, issue the license upon payment of the authorized fee to the treasurer;
         Coordinate with the Philippine Statistics Authority in conducting educational campaigns for vital registration and assist in the preparation of demographic and other statistics for the local government unit concerned;
    Has the authority to correct a clerical, or typographical error in an entry and/or change of first name or nickname in the civil register without need of a judicial order, amending for this purpose articles 376 and 412 of the Civil Code of the Philippines.